• After getting my Master of Arts in Design, I worked for a long time as designer for mens Fashion.
  • In 2000 I fall in love with Flash and Ray of Lights from Yasuto Suga, so i started learning programming.
  • The last years I worked as a Flash/Flex Developer on Browser Games.
  • Since 2010 I work freelanced as Developer in Menden, a little town behind the 7 mountains with the 7 dwarfs, mostly on Flash game projects and teaching Flash.
  • 2010 I became Director at Actionscripthero.org YEAH, thats a lot of fun with great people!
  • In my free time I study Computer Science – to become a better developer – every day!
  • A bit more about me you can find here:

    1. Xing Profil
    2. Linkedin

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