In this blog post I want to document my experience and learning’s while doing my first Android Air Application. I kept every single Step in great detail for those who don’t have experience in some of the Steps.

Preparing the Android SDK:

  • 1. Download the Android for the appropriate operating system below:
  • 2. Unzip to a folder C:/Developing/externalLibs/android-sdk-windows
  • 3. Run the SDK Setup.exe to update packages, which offers some additional „Available Packages“. We need the USB Driver package to connect our Handy with USB to our Computer and the Android SDK (Apple does this automatically).
    In the /tools folder we find all important applications to develop Android apps, like adb to install apps on the device/cell phone.
    More information about AVD and ADB

  • 4. Set a Path Variable to avoid calling the Tools in the /tools Folder while using Command Prompt. Go into System Properties -> Environment Variables -> System -> Edit.
    In Path add the path to the Android SDK Tools Folder. My example looks like this:
  • Connect the cell phone through the USB to the Android SDK:

  • 1. Connect your cell phone trough the USB port to the computer. Now we need to check if the cell phone can be detected. To do this I type the following in the Command Prompt (without directing to the path, if the Path Variable has been set before):
    adb Devices
  • In my case the device is detected and it shows its ID. If not there can be some things wrong, like:

    - The USB driver for the mobile phone is not installed correctly. Download (in my case), directly from Motorola Motorola Milestone: Motorola Mobiltelefon USB-Treiber (für Windows®)

    - Turn on the cell phone debug mode under Settings / Applications / Development:

    These screenshots can be created with the Dalvik debug monitor, to find and start at /tools ddms.bat

    In the next blog post I will describe the preparation for the Air Development with Flash Builder!

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