From April 14-16 Flash Forum Conference- FFK celebrated its 10th anniversary in Cologne. Actionscripthero’s Beatrix and Fernando have been present! We reported in advance in our Online Secret Meeting with the 2 organizer Sascha Wolter and Marc Thiele.

Workshops took place on April 13 and 17 respectively, Hero Fernando joined the Papervision 3D Workshop with Seb Lee-Delisle.

Sascha started the Conference 10 years ago and Marc joined a year later. The organisation is a 2 man business, and the familiar atmosphere one can feel all over. Everything is concentrated in the main open place in front of the great Conference room in Cologne Mediacenter.

This is the place for communication with everyone. Exchange, contact, friendship, discussions and business. Especially in the Powerflasher lounge technical discussions occurred on the highest level.

In context with our call: Meet the Heroes, we had 8 book give-away’ss for our members from Apress and FriendsOfEd. We will try to have concrete meeting points in the future, like a red sofa travelling with us around the world. We work hard on it!
Meanwhile a great THANK YOU to Kai, Dominic, Michel, Jörg, Saban, Frank, Simon, Jesse, Joshua, Ralph, Mario, André, Joa, Oliver, Michael, Chris, Cornelia, Carlo, Lena from Weave and all the others!

Speakers we have not been able to attend, but all the discussions and interviews gave so much input for us. Step by step we will add the videos in the next days and weeks.

One highlight was the audiotool Party with André Michelle as DJ in the evening.

Free beer and we have never seen a party with people talking and discussing and connecting that much.

The End:

The cloud above Europe:
But the end was not the end on Friday. Many of the speakers, sponsors or attendees have not been able to get home for a few days. Not back to England, Norway or United States. Marc Thiele invited some to his house, I tried to care with moral support for some. Some started a Odyssey, others waited with patience and enjoyed the additional days in Germany. However, today the nightmare is gone, everyone save at home, and I am sure the the 10th FFK anniversary remains in mind to everyone even more because of the cloud!

Some private pics from the conference you can find here:

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