Day 2:

  • Session 1:
    As a huge fan of Papervision 3D, I had to go to see Carlos Ulloa, and it was a pleasure. I was surprised to see such a pleasant and cautious person on the stage. In detail he explained the procedure, thoughts and ideas, which occurre during the working process, and how he handled and resolved solutions. One could see how much work was involved in every single project.
    Ulloa seemed to me like a designer with all the technical knowledge to realize his ideas. His love to the details impressed me, but that’s something very common among Flash designer.
    The 2 projects:
    1. Energy Lab Papervision 3D:
    What a afford to divide the model in a way that the shader look like they have to. How much work to get the light from inside the bottle to shine the right way around the pieces. A lot of efford to make it seem to be simple and „right“!
    2. Hello Racer – Unity 3d:
    I had a drive with the mini car before this event. Well its Unity3D, everything in Unity 3D looks like cool 3D. But I didn’t realize the perfect physic simulation, or how precise the wheels are constructed to seem to be like „natural“!

  • Session 2:
    “Building maintainable Applications with PureMVC” –with Javier Julio – at the Dylan, which had several fireplaces!
    At my last job I had to use Cairngorm, and I emphasize, had to. For a long time I wanted to start with PureMVC, but never had the time. A good reason to see Javier’s presentation, who explained in an enthusiastic and skillful speech how precisely PureMVC can structure a project and benefit me.
    – Notifications – The communication system, works without EventDispatcher, no Flash dependency, a pure ActionScript system
    – Model and Proxy – encapsulates control and manipulation of data, service interactions happen at this level
    – View and Mediators – encapsulates view component from the rest of the framework, no knowledge of PureMVC whatsoever
    - Controller and Commands – application business logic
    A hint to a Pipe Utility
    And Javiers Link tips with sourcecode

    A huge difference to Cairngorm, my next project will use pureMVC!

  • Session 3:
    I decided to join my paparvision teacher Seb Lee-Delisle’s speech. I am always glad to watch his performance and it could have been called Fun/Play instead of Work/Play!
    His works is coloured and funny – Big and Small in 3D
    His ideas are a bit strange and human, like his Park ticket story
    What I liked most, and that’s maybe because I worked as Multiplayer Programmer, was his Multiplayer version of his Lunar Lander. What a simple and great idea to print out all user movements in a single picture. Just sad that I cant find a pic.
  • Thanks Seb, after pancake dinner we had the interview with you and as soon the video is uploaded I will add the link

    Before leaving Amsterdam I visited the Cinema4D presentation, but that was nothing new, except the fact that Cinema4D can export to collada now.

    Amazing for the flash community or cool for the user? Can both be combined? What is an amazing demo, and what makes the money!
    I remember my slogan as a fashion designer: A design is good for the masses when I get toothache watching it. No matter if fashion or flash, its always the same:
    The amazing for the reputation.
    The popular for the pocket.

    Good bye FITC – maybe we see next year again!
    I got a lot of inspiration from the conference!
    Many thanks to all the speakers and to the organization!
    A hug to all my new friends from all over the world!

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