My first time FITC Amsterdam was a great creative-technical input event with a few Close Encounters of the Special Kind.
The fact to be there also as a ActionScriptHero made the conference even more to a special event, and it was difficult to decide between speeches and speeches and speeches and interviews.

Day 1:

  • Arrival in Amsterdam and via hotel I moved directly to Felix Merit, a building typically for Amsterdam = small + lots of stairs + rampant stairs + small doors = everyone is close to everyone! In the bar i found Pablo Parado and Fernando Colaco – what a pleasure to meet this kind and friendly guys for the first time in real life.
    At 3:PM the first interview with a very optimistic Shawn Pucknel.
  • Day 2:

  • Session 1:
    Everything started in the great conference room with Adobe Keynotes, Flash Player 10.1 – Flash on all devices for ever and ever, just not really on the IPhone!
    Annotation: There was a balance between visitors and IPhones on the conference!
    Well, we want and we get hardware acceleration. Unity3D got that right from the beginning!

  • Session 2:
    Klingemann I will see in Cologne, Flash on IPhone will be interesting when performance doesn’t suck any more. There was „Making Meaningful Data Meaningful“, that sounded interesting:
    How to visualize data? With charts and diagrams! But how can I visualize dependencies and connections? How can I make data visual and self explaining, even without legend?
    Wesley Grubs had a few really interesting and new examples. Personally I liked the Esquire example (all examples on the web page).
    To handle the data he uses Processing as scripting language, Flash would be too slow to handle it, and he uses Json Objects.
    Some creative tips: Start with a diagram, design what happens. What do you want tell to the people. Circles are great to show Connections.

  • Session 3:
    Difficult decision! Bartek Drozdz and „From Flash to Unity3D“ or Quick as a Flash“ with Grant Skinner? I choose Skinner, having read not long ago some about his Performance Test Classes.
    His speech was a flow of information, you can find it here.
    Some differences between Flash Player 9, 10 and 10.1 are interesting. For example uint will be much faster, also access to variables, function calls and static member access!
    Framerate: A lower framerate can help to get better performance, regarding that each frame has to handle Code and graphics and media and also garbage collection, which still cant be controlled. Adobe!
    Skinner makes a logical division on optimizing in syntax, architecture and design. Some of his examples which I remember well:
    – Check out TAAS from Joa Ebert
    – Don’t repeat maths
    – Multiply is faster then dividing (should be resolved in 10.1)
    Bitwise wherever possible
    – Point is faster then object
    – Prioritize true and false
    – Call methods directly instead of using references
    – No i.length in loop, declare value in var and use that
    – Avoid instantiation, nested function calls, deep linkage and number of operations.
    – Callback – are faster then events, bubbling events are even slower.
    – Regarding collections one should choose (LinkedList, ByteArray and Vector or Array, Object and Dictionary) according further usage. Check the class.
    – Algorithm! I would have liked to hear some more then: Look for better ones, ones who fit better, which are faster and use encapsulation .
    Video and Media:
    With right mouse click check Show Redraw Regions if necessary. Reduce render costs while beeing careful using mask and gradient. Use anti-alias for animations, use Bitmaps when possible, cache as Bitmap, put graphics in container and script those. Avoid strong filter, empty pixel, use invisible false instead of alpha 0 or better delete complete.
    The ActionScriptHero interview withGrant Skinner you can see here!

  • Session 4:
    Ralph Hauwert’s Skunkworks, what else!
    He told us about his tests with PixelBender, Flash Raytracer and 3D simulations, and how he made his example in Letitbloom. All his examples are on his Blog!
    The ActionScriptHero interview with Ralph Hauwert you can see here!

  • Session 5:
    Jared Tarbell with „The strangest things I’ve ever seen“ was the most amazing stuff I have seen on the conference. His speech was a deep dive into the worlds intersections, in small and in big size! The simplicity and proximity to the substantial one in our world and the surrounding universe and his speech left a lasting impression.
    After his speech I had the pleasure to be at his interview with ActionScriptHero, and its just sad that the surrounding noise was disturbing a lot. I hope Fernando will make it with some subtitles. Thank you Jared the gentle!

    The evening ended with a Dinner for Heros and Friends somewhere in a restaurant in Amsterdam with a group of people from different countries and continents. I found new friends!

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