In my previous post i mentioned the FileLoadEvent, i wanna check this a bit closer, cause not all  FileLoadEvents can be used with either the or the PV3 class.
Lets try to understand the name definitions around Collada:

Digital Asset Exchange for Interactive 3D = .DAE

Collada is the name and dae the file extension!

Why does Papervision has 2 Parser classes for Collada: and

In the early papervision days there was, then Tim Knip wrote which can also handle animations and is based on ASCollada. Which class one uses is, as long as animation is not required, a question of taste. My taste is cause i can load my dae models as ByteArrays without any further workaround, and i can load my materials and add them, or change them, or…

    var dae:Dae = new Dae(autoPlay:Boolean=true, name:String=null, loop:Boolean=false);
    dae.load("pathTo.dae") // notwendig zum Laden 
    var collada:Collade = new Collada(COLLADA:"pathTo.dae"=null, materials:MaterialsList=null, scale:Number=1,doubleSided:Boolean=false);

    Both classes listen to the FileLoadEvent, but not both to all Events.


    The FileLoadEvent listens on 7 Events, included 2 Error Events, which i dont explain further.

  • LOAD_COMPLETE fires, when loading is completly done – this includes also material for DAE, if set in the model like explained in my previous post..
  • COlLADA listens to COLLADA_MATERIALS_DONE on loading of the material if set in the model like explained in my previous post.
  • ANIMATION_COMPLETE and ANIMATION_PROGRESS if the DAE model includes animations, cause loading animations requires a bit more time..
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