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Day 2: Session 1: As a huge fan of Papervision 3D, I had to go to see Carlos Ulloa, and it was a pleasure. I was surprised to see such a pleasant and cautious person on the stage. In detail he explained the procedure, thoughts and ideas, which occurre during the working process, and how […]

My first time FITC Amsterdam was a great creative-technical input event with a few Close Encounters of the Special Kind. The fact to be there also as a ActionScriptHero made the conference even more to a special event, and it was difficult to decide between speeches and speeches and speeches and interviews. Day 1: Arrival […]

A model with single geometric Elements makes it possible to change this single Elements. I cant explain how this works while creating a 3D model, but i have seen the strangest adds while exporting to Collada. Swift 3D for example adds extra nod elements for each geometric element, when exporting from Cimena 3D. In the […]

In this example i want to show how to add material on models manually. When creating a 3D modell in any 3D program, one can add bitmap materials to the surfaces, in a Collada.dae this is defined in library_images < library_images> I prefer to leave this empty and to add my material on my model […]

Today we finaly found the name for our online flash browser game. I want to thank my friend Brian from USA – Carolina for helping us getting the right name. und are ours! Actually we are preparing project organisation stuff, but as soon as we have news i gonna post it here.

In my previous post i mentioned the FileLoadEvent, i wanna check this a bit closer, cause not all ¬†FileLoadEvents can be used with either the or the PV3 class. Lets try to understand the name definitions around Collada: Digital Asset Exchange for Interactive 3D = .DAE Collada is the name and dae the […]

The Papervisions class makes it very easy to get a 3D model on a stage. In BasicView you have camera, viewport and BasicRenderer definded, just check if you want to change the default settings. I recommand a look in the Class itself: org.papervision3d.view.BasicView! Extend the class: public class MyFirstDae extends BasicView Initiate a dae […]

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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