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In this chapter I will show step by step how to prepare an AIR for Android project in FlashBuilder, write a simple application and how to install it on the device. 1. Preparing Flex SDK Air eclaire for FlashBuilder: Create a folder /flex_sdk_air_2.5_eclaire. Copy a flex_sdk_4 into this folder. Copy the Air 2.5 SDK (Download […]

According to the Android version on our mobile phone we need Adobe Air for that Android version. My Milestone still has Android version 2.1 – Eclaire, and waits for the update to 2.2 – Froyo, which has been announced for Germany till the end of this year. Let’s hope! You can check the version number […]

In this blog post I want to document my experience and learning’s while doing my first Android Air Application. I kept every single Step in great detail for those who don’t have experience in some of the Steps. Preparing the Android SDK: 1. Download the Android for the appropriate operating system below: 2. Unzip […]

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